Sinners of the Seas, Cruisers for the Craic

Sinners of the Seas, Cruisers for the Craic

Sailing Infidel
Definition: A sailor who is an unbeliever, heathen, heretic, atheist, freethinker, dissenter, or nonconformist. A sinner of the sea.
e.g. Them thar pirates are absolute sailing infidels

All About Sailing Infidels

Sailing Infidels
Christening Shanté

Once upon a time, in a land of budget cuisine and second-hand clothes, there lived a boy named Rotten Ronnie. At just 12 years old, he took on the rugged role of a cowboy, but his lasso skills were so bad that even the cows felt sorry for him.

Undeterred by his bovine blunders, Rotten Ronnie roped a pair of drumsticks and hit the road, to become known as Rockin’ Ronnie. He thumped his way into the hearts of the masses—or so he thought. In reality, his audience consisted of two drunks and a sleepy bartender. But hey, he’s still got their autographs!

Soon, love came knocking, and Ronnie stopped Rockin’. He traded in his drumsticks for a life with Wendi, a carefree girl hailing from Vancouver Island.

To provide for his new family, he took his jammin’ from tunes to gears and went truckin’. With Wendi as homemaker, and mother this Jack & his Jill of all trades raised their small family and finally, after many years of hard work, with an empty nest, and having fulfilled their shared dream, they bought a sailboat and The Sailing Infidels were born.
After one more decade of work to ready their ship, they sailed off to enjoy life in the tropics.

Some say they were searching for buried treasure, while others think Ron just wanted to find a place where the cows couldn’t judge his lasso skills. Either way, their life continues to be an epic adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns. Stay tuned for the next chapter of the continuing story of ’The Sailing Infidels!’

Home Port:

Vancouver, Canada


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