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Love at First Sight

This is Cosmic Debris. She is a Corbin 39 (hull #61), built in Quebec, Canada, in 1980 by Corbin Boatworks. She is a centre cockpit, cutter-rigged, solid blue-water sailboat.

Cosmic Debris – Love at First Sight

When we purchased her in January 2012, she had been stripped of almost everything of any value. Indeed, beyond the basic built-in furnishings, a few bits of very outdated electronics, and a stove and fridge, there was little else. Still, we knew she had strong bones and much potential.

This is how we found her. She was shown to us by about the sleaziest boat broker that anyone has ever seen, anywhere, at any time, bar none! Nonetheless, we simply ignored everything he had to say and made the deal that day.
The price was low enough that we felt comfortable opting out of a survey; however, we made sure to include subjects such as title and lien searches.

Purchase price: $12,500.00 CAD

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We found her on the hard in a boatyard in North Vancouver, and she had obviously been badly neglected for many years.
At the time of purchase, we had recently sold our home in central British Columbia and were living in our travel trailer in a park on the Sunshine Coast, a 40-minute ferry ride away.
Once the deal was signed, we wasted no time. Over the following two weeks, on days off, we transferred all the garbage to the dumpster. Then Wendi cleaned the interior, and I got the engine running. We hired some guy to sand and put some bottom paint on her. Meanwhile, we found and secured a slip for her over on the Sunshine Coast, and we found someone to help move her up the coast to her new home—Captain Druid—because I had never actually driven a boat before.
The moment the deal was completed, the broker asked me if I wanted to make a quick $5K. He wanted to relist it, LOL.