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It all started early in the winter of 2014/15, while we were working and temporarily living way up north in Fort St. John, BC. The problem with the captain is that when he’s driving all day, he has way too much time to think, and so he comes up with a lot of hair-brained ideas. This was probably his best one yet! Ha!
Snuggled up on the couch together on those cold winter nights, we would research how to make rum and shop for the hardware with which to do it. We found some pretty entertaining videos of the process on YouTube, too. The more we learned, the more excited we became to get ourselves a still.

Now, after eight years, I feel I can share some dos and don'ts, some trials and errors, and some successful results.

If you're interested in learning a new skill that will save you money or just want to explore a new idea, I hope you will find something of interest here.


Mixing the Wash
Filling the bottle
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