Sailing Infidels has been sharing our Spirit of the Infidel Rum at every opportunity, and now we have decided to share our time-honoured recipes as well. Though the list is short (does a list of two even qualify as a list?) it could be shorter. Our "original" brew has stood the test of time, but changes in technology and GPS coordinates have dictated the need for a new recipe. Hence the list of two. It has also awakened us to the world of experimentation and the vast array of possibilities that await.
As we explore those limitless possibilities, there will be a list of experiments emanating from Wendi’s lab. Both recipes for delight and recipes for disaster.
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Gurus and Vendors


  • The Original "Spirit of the Infidel", A traditional rum distilled with all natural ingredients using a pot still.
  • The Mexican "Spirit of the Infidel", A variation of the original recipe, modified to work here in Mexico.
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