Spirit of the Infidel – Original

Spirit of the Infidel – Original

Spirit of the Infidel

The original (classic), traditional rum. All natural and oh so good.


Molasses - 2 L
Brown Sugar - 4 kg
Yeast Nutrient - 50 g
Bread Yeast - 32 g
Water to make 20 L


Making the Wash:
Start with fully sterilized tools, vessels and equipment.
In a large pot melt molasses and brown sugar in 8 L of water. When it reaches 49° C (120° F) pour the mixture into a 25 L carboy and top off with cool water up to 20 L.–stir well.
When the temperature comes down to 38° C (100° F) add the yeast nutrient and bread yeast, stir well and place an airlock on the carboy.
Let this bubble until the yeast has converted all the sugars into alcohol and the airlock has stopped burping–About 4 weeks.

For a true, traditional rum, distillation must be done in a copper-top pot still or a still that has copper for a condensing surface, (follow directions for the still). The heat source must be adjustable to very low levels.
An electric still, such as the "Air Still" can be used but you will need to add copper into the still.

  • Copper-Top Still Process:
    Fill the still to within 2-3 inches from the rim, Place the copper top on and clamp tight. Place the digital thermometer on top of still. With the heat source on high, heat the still to 66° C (150° F) and maintain that temperature for 20 to 30 minutes by adjusting the heat as necessary. Then adjust the temperature slightly higher until it begins to slowly rise. At 77° C (170° F) it will begin to drip.
    and the cuts begin. Measure and collect the first 2 oz (about 56 ml). This is Methanol and needs to be removed. It can be added to the next run or saved as a solvent or fire starter, DO NOT DRINK!
    The next 100 ml (3.5 oz) is the Heads and will be high in alcohol, strong-smelling (like a solvent) and should also be removed, it can be added to the next run or be used in the final product (more on that later).
    When the temperature reaches 82° C (180° F) the drops should be nice and steady, this will be the Hearts and should produce 1000 ml (35 oz) up to 12 hrs. You will know when the hearts are done by the smell and taste. The sweetness will be fading, and it will feel different on your tongue. Be careful not to have sampled too much before this stage, or you might not recognize the change as easily.
    This will be the start of the Tails and if you let it continue without keeping it separate, you will see a slick forming on your Hearts. You can get up to 400 ml (14 oz) of tails that can be added into the next run or into the final product along with the Heads which only you can decide on based on your taste. We have always added the Heads and Tails into the next run.
  • Electric Air Still Process:
    Not much to tell here. Fill the Air Still to the line marking 4 L (1 Gal) with your wash. Put the top on and plug it in. It takes about 1 hour to get to the temperature before the drips begin. The Air Still manual makes no mention of removing the methanol, but we always remove the first 28 ml (1 oz) for safety. After the Methanol has been removed it takes about 1 hour to collect 700 ml (24 oz). After removing the Hearts I then run the still until there is no taste left which I will add to the next run.


A copper-top pot still should produce 3000 ml (3L) of up to 70% Alcohol from a 20 L rum wash.

Dilute with water to 40% (or to preference). At this time you can flavour the Rum with spices and let age for better flavour.

In the electric still I’ve only been able to obtain ABV of 50% which I dilute down to 40%.
Our flavouring is a secret (poorly kept) or it wouldn’t be our Spirit of the Infidel. 😉

The Spirit of the Infidel

In dark of night where shadows dance,
Beneath the moon's so thoughtful glance,
There brews a potion, amber bold,
A pirate's tale, not seldom told.

From long ago, and sugarcane,
The nectar flows through sailor's vein,
From tales of seas and stormy fate,
A rum was born, the pirates' mate.

In cauldrons black, where fires glow,
The nectar drips, so sweet and slow,
With spices fine and secrets deep,
The potion stirs from its sleep,

We raise a glass, to legends made,
Infidel tales never fade,
In each drop, a pirate's lore,
A taste of freedom, forevermore.

Mixing the Wash
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