Escape The Outpost!


It was 18:00 on the 24th of May when we finished saying our good-byes to The Outpost.  As the first of The Outpost summer staff unloaded their gear from the Beaver, we loaded ours, said hello, said good-bye and boarded the plane for Masset.  By 16:00 we had all but resigned to the growing likelihood of spending one more night, as the winds were already 20-30 knots and increasing.  The gale was just beginning and winds of up to 45 knots were expected within a few hours.

Wendi had made a nice big lasagna for the incoming staff and it was ready.  I finally decided to eat, figuring that I’d no sooner tear into the lasagna and the plane would come over the hill.  I was not too far off.  We had just finished eating and Wendi was putting the dishes in the sink when the plane roared overhead.

We were out of there like a rat out of an aqua duct!

It was a bumpy ride but we touched down in Masset in an amazing six inches of water… Crazy!

We spent the night at Gerry’s B&B and now we’re just waiting for our flight to Vancouver.

Over & Out!

Sailing Flying Infidels

© 2017 Ron Morrison

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