Nature Trails, campaign trails, a dead pop icon and Poppy Day!

Well folks, it’s really been quite a week here on Planet Earth, hasn’t it?  The surprise victory of “The Donald”, (I don’t think anybody really expected Donald Trump to win, did they?), the death of Leonard Cohen and then of course, who could forget Rememberance Day? “Lest We Forget” and all.


How fitting is it that Leonard Cohen should die right before Rememberance Day, the day that the poem Flanders Fields is so intertwined with and that his recital of, fell only one year prior.   Further, how often has Donald Trump been compared to Adolf Hitler and been called a fascist over the course of the Presidential election campaign?  Together those three things just seem to fit too well together.

Anyway, now for something a little lighter.  Bush-wackin’!  As it turns out, maybe I’m not as old or as lazy as I thought.  Funny thing is, we thought we’d take the easy route over to Tingley Cove by upgrading an old trail for as far as we could.  Well we did that in spite of the hill – I have this thing about hills you see, I don’t like ’em, they make me pant – but then again, so does clearing trail, so we went for it.  We spent three days clearing trail up and over the top of the hill toward Tingley Cove and on the last day – we were there man – we were right there at the tide line in Tingley Cove and that’s fine EXCEPT(!) for the minor detail that if you get there at high tide that would be it – turn around and go back.  That’s no fun.

So… since we weren’t there at high tide that day, we decided to walk along the rocky shoreline to the south corner of Tingley and then try to find a way straight back to the lodge to the west.  That worked out really well.  There’s no hill that way – Yay(!) – but it is pretty swampy – Boo(!) – I don’t like swamps either.

So we changed routes and we changed strategy.  This time we found our way through and tracked ourselves with my iPhone.  The next day we hiked back through, following our tracks on the phone and flagged it.  The next day we went back and actually started clearing the trail.  Theres’ only about an hour of work left to do and it’ll be done.  So I guess it’ll actually be done by the time I post this.

So great!  Now we have two trails to walk and we’ll have to walk them regularly to keep them open because shit grows crazy fast around here.  Once we’re satisfied with the Tingley Cove trails, we’ll decide which is next.  We really want to find a trail through to a view point to the open ocean.  One where we can sit up and watch the virgin swells hit land for the first time in 5500 nautical miles.

So that’s it for this week – unless of course you want me to rant and rave about Donald Trump or the failure that is the DNC and how hillary should go to prison – but I’m thinking  you probably get enough of that on Facebook.

Until next week then,  ciao for nao!

© Ron Morrison 2016

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