October 24 – 30

And now, the end is nigh; the end of October that is.  With the hour hand moving ever closer to the top of the clock, each tick inches us closer toward the last day of the month and the scariest day of the year… Hallowe’en!

Of course we’ve been preparing you know;  we have a basket full of chocolate bars in the dining room and if you’ve been following our adventures with Bandito Benito and his gang of Masked Marauders, you would likely guess that we even have a few corpses kicking around.

Last week’s episode ended with another cliff hanger.  While we were successful in bringing down one more gangster, he was only one of two that were here that night.  As you’ll recall, the following night, we were visited one more time but the intruder failed to take the bait.  After that, we put a new bait fish in the trap but it has been there all week now and there has been no sign of interest at all.

So it looks as though our little saga has come to an end, at least for now.  I think the final bandito has decided to move on.  Will he return one day?  Will he bring a band of new compadres to avenge the deaths of the fallen?  Possibly, but we will be prepared!

Tomorrow being Hallowe’en, it would be fitting to see a masked bandit on our doorstep, wouldn’t it?

We’ve decided that since we don’t have a pumpkin and can’t get a pumpkin on such short notice, that we’ll carve a Jack O’Lantern out of a squash.  That will be the extent of our Hallowe’en excitement at The Outpost, unless something really spooky happens.  You never know…  Heheheh

In other news, we took another walk up to the top of the hill one day and got some more photos; and that’s about all I have for this week, I’ll post an update if anything weird happens on Hallowe’en…  (if I’m still alive).  

Happy Hallowe’en, or “sasta Oiche Shamhna” from The Outpost!!!

© 2016 Ron Morrison

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