The Latest Video from Sailing Infidels

The Latest Video from Sailing Infidels

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San Juanico to Cabo San Lucas

Welcome aboard the Sailing Infidels YouTube channel-Your ticket to coastal tranquility, wild offshore journeys, boat projects, and the stunning landscapes of North America’s western shores. Join us on a maritime odyssey spanning from our 2017 origins in Canadian waters to our current escapades in the mesmerizing Sea of Cortez.

We’re neither ordinary sailors nor ordinary retirees; we are refugees who’ve traded the mundane Canadian way of life for a life of seafaring exploration. With each wave, we embrace the thrill of the unknown, combining practical know-how with a whole lot of “making it up as we go along”, and a hearty dose of humour in our boat projects, repairs, and sailing adventures.

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Whether you’re a seasoned mariner or a curious landlubber, come aboard and uncover the world of Sailing Infidels. Together, let’s navigate the waves, share laughter, and craft unforgettable memories – one nautical adventure at a time. Join us on this remarkable voyage!

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