Other ways to support Sailing Infidels

Other ways to support Sailing Infidels

Though it was not our intention to seek support from our audience, since retiring and leaving Canada, it has become apparent that if we want to maintain and improve our YouTube Channel, this website, podcast, etc., we will need to supplement our meagre monthly income to help cover those otherwise unnecessary expenses.
To that end, we have put together a variety of means by which you can help us stay afloat and on the air.

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Donations are gratefully accepted via Paypal

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Buy Digital Art

In the near future, we will also have NFTs for sale, which can be bought with either Crypto currency or a credit card. They will be limited editions with original content protected and guaranteed on the blockchain. Tradable, collectible, and maybe even valuable someday.

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As always,

No matter how you choose to show your support, whether through donations, purchases, or a simple word of kindness, you and your support are immensely appreciated and that will never change.

You are the wind in our sails!

Much Love & Appreciation,

Ron & Wendi

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